Discover our rebrand story

You may have noticed our branding and packaging has had a refresh. We would love to share with you the inspiration and story behind our new designs.  
Freya’s great-grandmother was the most wonderful artist called Winifred Nicholson. She was a renowned colourist, whose writings suggested that art should be hung on a white or neutral background if the full impact of the canvas is to be conveyed.

Winifred NicholsonPainting Credit: Winifred Nicholson, Northrigg Hill c.1926 © Trustees of Winifred Nicholson.

We decided to take that principle and redesign our packaging, with the help of artist Chiara Perano, so that all our fragrance names now appear prominently in beautiful hand-painted typography on the front of each box, as though an artist has signed a canvas.
books and art scribbles
The subtle colour palette takes inspiration from tones found in the British landscape and have been grouped into fragrance families: woody, herby, floral, amber and fresh. We hope this will help you shop our range more easily and discover more of our products to love.
Vicky & Freya x