Since 2020, we have been on an incredible journey with the UK’s largest pregnancy research charity, Tommy’s. 

Tommy’s funds vital research to stop miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth and make pregnancy safe for everyone. They also provide trusted information, advice and support for anyone who needs it. 

They work tirelessly to care for families struggling with baby loss, to raise awareness and to help break the silence.

Baby Loss Awareness Week takes place from the 9th-15th October every year and is a time to stop and reflect on all the babies who were lost too soon. It culminates with the Wave of Light on the 15th where people light a candle in memory of their much-loved baby.

Through this initiative the warm glow of remembrance travels around the globe, from time zone to time zone, shining out into the dark of the evening.

Alongside Tommy's, we encourage everyone to light a candle and join the Wave of Light. Together with Tommy’s ambassador and best-selling author, Elle Wright, we have also created a soothing Fresh Fig and Jasmine candle to support the event. This is the official Tommy's candle for the Wave of Light.

100% of the profits from every single purchase goes straight towards Tommy’s life saving research and support services.*

“Our partnership with Plum & Ashby is so special to all of us at Tommy’s. Since 2020, the beautifully crafted Wave of Light candle has become an increasingly significant part of Baby Loss Awareness Week for our community. We know that many people can feel isolated in their grief, but the candle connects our community and helps parents to commemorate their loss in a very special and sensitive way.

We are so grateful to Plum & Ashby for raising over £135,000 – this fantastic amount helps us continue working to stop the heartbreak and devastation of baby loss and make pregnancy and birth safe – for everyone.”  - CEO of Tommy’s Kath Abrahams

As Kath mentions, to date we have raised over £135,000. This is enough to fund four fulltime midwives at Tommy’s rainbow clinic for a whole year. It could also fund five Tommy’s PhD students for a year as they work to understand pregnancy complications  and how to prevent it. Or it could keep the charity’s midwife-led Pregnancy Hub service running for almost 6 months, providing vital information and support for thousands of expectant, and new, parents. It is crucial funding that makes a great deal of difference.

In 2022, we created a video together sharing the voices of women who have experienced, and still carry the grief of, baby loss to help raise awareness further and spread the message of this amazing charity. Elle Wright, Pippa Vosper and 6 other inspirational women shared their loss and explained the huge significance of Baby Loss Awareness Week and the Wave of Light. It was viewed more than 1 million times over both ours and Tommy’s social media accounts and left us speechless with its honesty and tenderness.

This year we are thrilled that some of our stockists across the country have joined us in the cause and you are now able to find our Wave of Light candles in shops and boutiques up and down the UK.

Since the launch we have sold more than 10,000 candles, making Wave of Light one of the most successful charity candle partnerships in the UK. The partnership is one we treasure, and hope will continue for years to come.

* Each year we, as a company, make a minimum commitment, regardless of sales figures, of £35,000. We are happy to say that the money we have raised has exceeded this every single year.

For more information about Tommy’s and the great work they do, click here

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