About us

Plum & Ashby are scent-creators who craft exceptional fragrances for home, bath and body. Behind each unique fragrance lies an uncompromising commitment to quality and a desire to deliver a transportive experience that will enrich and elevate your experience of simple, everyday rituals.

The company was founded in 2014 by friends, Vicky White and Freya Nicholson. Both have drawn on their experience working for luxury British brands to create a distinctive home and body collection that is made in England using the finest natural ingredients. Their growing team is headquartered in Hampshire and their concise and considered range is available in over 400 stockists worldwide. 

“From inspiration to creation, we love experimenting with unusual ingredients, combining scents in interesting ways to create truly unique blends,” explains co-founder, Vicky. The range is defined by distinctive fragrance combinations such as Seaweed and Samphire, Geranium and Orange and Wild Fig and Saffron. “We always start with a clear idea – a smell that already exists in our mind,” adds Freya. “Each scent then becomes a story waiting to be discovered ...”

These stories are largely inspired by the British landscape and the shifting seasons. Seaweed and Samphire, for example, combines citrus zest and cool spearmint on a base of amber, moss and woods to harness the invigorating effect of Britain’s saline shores. Wild Fig and Saffron – a soft, leafy-green fragrance with a core of dried fruits, earthy saffron and warm vanilla – evokes the slow and soothing mood of a sun-baked afternoon. Come winter, their festive fragrances – including Spiced Orange and Red Berry and Fireside Embers – provide the backdrop to a season of treasured traditions and rituals of togetherness. 

All Plum & Ashby products are bottled in recyclable amber glass and boxed in FSC-accredited packaging. The pared-back, timeless design of their vessels is intended to work in any interior setting. Whether you are running a bath, setting the table, or spending the evening in front of the fire, each product is designed to enhance your experience of these simple, everyday rituals.