At Plum & Ashby we understand and appreciate that there is a journey we have embarked on to become more sustainable. As a brand we are committed to making small, meaningful steps to protect our environment and to take a considered approach when creating our products.
As a proudly British company, we will continue to create as much as we can within Britain through our production and ingredient selection. We use natural ingredients to produce our products and our candle wax is vegan friendly. We have never and will never test our products on animals. We are proud to create products of the highest quality and efficacy.
Our candle, diffuser, wash and lotion products are all packaged in glass which is made with a percentage of recycled glass and is 100% recyclable.
2020 saw the launch of our first refill products and we have expanded the range each season since. We have also increased the size of our diffuser refills to 200ml and they come with two sets of reeds, meaning they will last longer. Refills are a great step towards sustainability as they require less packaging, shipping and prolong the life of our products.
When it comes to cardboard, all product boxes are made in 100% recyclable and produced using FSC approved cardboard. All outer cartons are made from recycled cardboard and can also be recycled. We also use bio-fil to protect our products when shipping and this is made from natural resources and dissolves in water, thereby reducing landfill waste.
It’s no secret that the British landscape is a huge inspiration for our scent creation and something that we hope to play a part in protecting. Our approach to sustainability is guided by the areas where we feel we can make the most impact and the issues that resonate with our colleagues and customers.
We support the wider community, and are particularly proud to work with the charity Tommy’s, through our Wave of Light candle, which we donate 100% of the profits to support their life-saving research and support services. In 2020 we raised over £30,000 for the charity and last years effort bring our fundraising total to over £95,000 so far.
We have nurtured an inclusive culture for all our employees to ensure they feel valued and respected on a daily basis.
We are dedicated to continuously reviewing and improving our practises and sustainability remains at the forefront of our mind as we move forward on our journey.