Even better than before

As well as making some changes to the look and feel of our products we’ve also spent the past 12 months reviewing all our product to make them even better than before.
The quality of our products, and our commitment to using natural ingredients remains the same but we have reformulated many of our products and are excited to share these changes with you.
product group page
We’ve increased the fragrance in our candles by 50%. This generous ratio ensures that each fragrance can be experienced even before the candle is lit.
All our scents have been through vigorous burn tests to make our candles the very best they can be. Each candle formula is unique and reacts differently with every wick. We now have access to a library of over 3000 wicks to choose from, which enables us to ensure each candle has a clean, even burn with no sooty marks and no wax residue.
candle packaging
Our candles are now made from 100% vegan natural wax, which performs beautifully in burn tests. Our large candles burn for up to 60 hours and the votives up to 20 hours. We’ve also re-sourced all our packaging, so it is fully recyclable and made from FSE paper stock.
We are very excited with our new reed diffusers as they now come with two sets of rattan reeds. After several weeks, once the first set is saturated, evaporation will begin to slow. By supplying a second set, the longevity and performance of the product is enhanced.
vetiver and lavender diffuser
The base liquid for the diffusers is augeo – a renewable, odourless liquid that enables the purest expression of each fragrance. We’ve also doubled the size of our diffuser refill, reducing plastic waste, and further extending the life cycle of the product.
We will continue to share more in the coming weeks, as we have also been working on making our products and business even more sustainable.
Vicky & Freya x