Behind the Scenes - Wave of Light Video

Many months ago we met with Elle Wright from Feathering the Empty Nest to discuss our Tommy's Baby Loss Awareness Week campaign. Going into our third year of the Wave of Light candle, we wanted to do more. We've already raised almost £100,000 in the first two years which we are so incredibly proud of, but we wanted to talk, to unite a community and give hope to others. 
The idea of the video was to tell stories, share loss and bring together families who have experienced so much sadness, whilst giving hope to others suffering their own heartbreak.
The build up to the filming day was full of nerves and anticipation. We considered not doing it! The responsibility we felt to honour these women's stories and that of families up and down the country was weighty. We wanted to ensure we were sensitive and told the stories as they should be told. Elle was on hand on the day to instantly put our team and our mothers at ease.
Within minutes, we knew we had done the right thing.
behind the scenes
Watching these women laugh, cry and share their stories has been one of the most powerful and profound moments we have experienced since launching this campaign back in 2020. A day that should have been full of sadness, was in fact, full of joy and inspiration. Full of hope and togetherness. We knew we were on to something so incredibly powerful when this feeling of unity and strength on the day was overriding any shadows of sadness.
behind the scenes
We are unbelievably proud of what we’ve all created and the reach this video has got. The stories that have been shared on Instagram comments and the unfaltering support that has followed from people in similar situations wanting to show that even in such dark and difficult moments they are not alone and there is a whole community out there wanting to support them.
behind the scenes
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A huge thank you to our 8 inspiring women, who we are honoured to call friends: Elle, Pippa, Zara, Sophie, Felicity, Vanessa, Kajal and Laura. Without your honesty, love and strength this video wouldn't be what it is today. Thank you.