Behind the Scenes

behind the scenes shot
Everyone always loves a 'behind the scenes' moment on instagram, so we wanted to bring it to our blog too. The purpose of every shoot we do is to bring our products to life and share how we would use them in the more perfect settings. 
shoot prep - behind the scenes
Prior to the shoot itself, our creative team work hard on finding a perfect location house. It's essential to find the right place as it needs to "feel" like us. It needs to be a house that works for every product, in every setting. It can be quite the task as we want our products to sit well in every room, so every room needs to be perfect. 
Our latest house in Gloucester had the most beautiful greenhouse which made us feel right at home. 
gloucester house - behind the scenes
Then onto the styling. It might look like we just popped our candle on the side, but actually we sourced props, rearranged what we found, hired a model and dressed her in the perfect pyjamas too. It might look like we just shot the picture, but each set up takes time to create and get just right. This shoot we also had a videographer with us which needed a whole extra level of organisation and styling.
 behind the scenes with a videographer
The aim is to make it look effortless and inviting, regardless of the amount of work going on behind the scenes. We hope you loved our images from the past season and have enjoyed a little look behind the scenes!