Best Flowers for a British Garden

It's no secret that we love our gardens here at Plum & Ashby. Nothing beats an afternoon enjoying the garden; the colours, the scents, we can't stop ourselves.
With each of us pottering outside in varying sized gardens, we've put together our list of 5 flowers that we've had some serious success with in our gardens.
1. Lavender
A humble herb, Lavender is one of the easiest to grow. It's great potted, as a border or to fill space between other plants. It smells great, is always covered in bumble bees and looks beautiful. There are lots of different types of lavender so it's best to research what's best for your soil type.
2. Roses
Of course, a British favourite. It's hard to imagine an English garden without roses. There are so many types of roses and to be honest they all look beautiful. You can pot them, train them to climb or simply grow a big ol' bush of them. Of course they smell wonderful and come in many beautiful shades. 
 sweet peas
3. Sweet Peas
These delicate blooms are surprisingly hardy when the nights get cold. They can sometimes be tricky to grow from seed (we've found tomato food has helped with some success) but if you buy from a garden centre they can climb pretty quickly. Be sure to plant with  an obelisk or near to a trellace they can climb.
4. Geraniums
These colourful perennials are tough and very easy to grow. They flower for months on end too which is really satisfying! If they start to look a little sad, cut them back and watch more flowers arrive a couple of weeks later. 
5. Hydrangeas
Now this is a plant that once established, will bring years of joy. You get a lot of colour and flowers for your money and out of flowering season, the plant is bushy and green. You can even change the flower colour from pink to blue by changing the soils PH levels!