Geranium & Orange - The Scent of Spring

Designed to lift the spirits, our Geranium & Orange scent transports you to a beautiful British garden. Infused with uplifting scents of sweet orange laying on a floral heart of garden-fresh geranium, calming lavender and delicate ylang ylang to create this gentle feminine fragrance.

1 litre refill on old wooden shelf with geranium house plants


The energising hand & body wash is sharp and refreshing, making it an ideal cleanser to start the day with. The uplifting blend of essential oils gently cleanses your skin to leave it feeling fresh and fragrant. Made with 98% natural ingredients, it revitalises your skin without over drying, making it ideal for everyday use.

 p&a hand and body lotion bottle

Use with our matching lotion to revive your mind and body leaving skin not only cleansed but also silky smooth.

 vintage bath with lit p&a candle, body wash and bath essence on vintage bath tray over bath, frames on wall and geranium plant next to bath

To transport yourself into warmer times, relax with a combination of our Geranium & Orange bath essence and salts. Pour just a cap full of essence and a sprinkling of salts into a warm running bath and soak into it to relax and unwind. A sweet floral rose scent with a fresh energising citrus aroma is softened with warm and delicately spiced undertones, this perfect addition to any bath is a joy for your skin as well as your nose!

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