Time Amongst Trees

Renowned for capturing the unique and varied scent of the British countryside, we are thrilled to announce our new fragrance to the range - Oakmoss & Thyme.

vintage sink with plants in next to big sash window

“Our sense of smell is strongly associated with memory and emotion,” explain co-founders Vicky White and Freya Nicholson. “A scent can stimulate a response that instantly takes you back to a time and place. We always start with a smell that already exists in our mind. For Oakmoss & Thyme, we wanted to create a scent that reminded us of the long country walks we so enjoy – especially through woodland.”

 early morning frosty landscape image of a field with trees and hills in the distance

Oakmoss & Thyme captures the unmistakable bosky aroma of rain-fresh woodland. It is bursting with the clean, green fragrance of wild oak trees laced with rain-fresh lichen, whilst managing to capture the intense earthiness that rises from the yielding, nutrient-rich forest floor. The result is a fragrance that soothes and energises; a scent that speaks of ancient, unhurried systems and of time well spent amongst them.

 up and over shot of lichen and moss

Experienced perfumiers have created this evocative, layered fragrance using a complex blend of essential oils. First, the green herbaceous notes of thyme, eucalyptus, spearmint and armoise come together with citrus notes of lime and petitgrain (an oil extracted from the leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange tree). This is followed by a floral heart of jasmine seasoned with a touch of pink pepper. Finally, the woody base notes of cedarwood and patchouli linger on the skin, giving the fragrance depth and warmth.

 close up shot from above of the Oakmoss and Thyme hand and body wash and lotion and hand cream in vintage sink

Used everyday, the Oakmoss & Thyme range will revitalise and moisturise your skin whilst invoking the calmness and clarity that comes from spending time amongst trees.


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