The perfect scent for your home

Did you know that changing the scent in your room using a diffuser can change the mood and feeling instantly? Well let us guide you through our suggestions using the perfect fragrance in each room...

In the bedroom... relax and unwind with Vetiver & Lavender, soothing lavender and chamomile sit on a complex base of moss and patchouli. The ultimate choice for a relaxing bedtime has to be lavender and this interesting scent provides a calming and tranquil atmosphere. 

In the kitchen... the invigorating scent of Lime & Ginger is a great choice for any kitchen, a blend of sparkling lemon, zingy lime and spicy ginger creates an uplifting fragrance. We think it's a great scent to be around whilst cooking and preparing food, it isn't overpowering but can cut through any cooking smells.

In the sitting room... warm and welcoming Wild Fig & Saffron makes a great living room fragrance. A unique scent which combines dried fruits, earthy saffron and leafy green fig. It is a fragrance that is sure to be commented on when you have guests over.

In the bathroom... It has to be our freshest fragrance for the bathroom, Seaweed & Samphire. Zesty citrus and cooling spearmint notes mingle with a distinctive sea-breeze scent. This is our best selling scent and it's no surprise really; fresh, invigorating, cooling and it reminds us of being by the sea.