The Inspiration Behind Our Festive Boxes

This Christmas we really wanted to do something a little special with our new festive boxes. It is a time of year when, despite our best efforts, we are all inundated with so much extra wrapping and waste. We are both constantly aware that as retailers, a huge amount of responsibility lies on our shoulders to help reduce this in whatever way we can. Whilst we are careful to use recyclable and dissolvable packaging for our products all year round, we wanted to bring something extra special to the effort this Christmas.
 We have both always been instinctive crafters and jumped at the chance to make the most of all sorts of beautiful cards and papers. Vicky cherishes the Christmas cards she receives each year by saving them and cutting them down to make gift tags for the next and Freya has shelves of scrap books filled to bursting with snippets of crackers and wrapping paper going back far into her childhood.
It was with these memories in mind that we came up with the idea for the baubles that adorn our new festive selection this year. Chiara Perano painted a beautiful selection of decorations to fit the different sizes and shapes of the boxes and we couldn’t be more trilled with them. By cutting out the baubles on the sides of the boxes and threading them with the complimentary velvet ribbon provided, the decorations can enjoy the whole festive season from the branches of your Christmas trees long after the candles and diffusers have been unwrapped.
By making the most of these festive frills that might otherwise have been forgotten even the smallest moments can add joy to the season. We hope you love our baubles as much as we do and that they make worthy additions to all your gorgeous trees. Do share how you style them with us, we would so love to see.
Vicky & Freya xx