Home fragrance to scent your home

Spring is almost upon us and the clocks are going forward this weekend. It's such a lovely time of year because we can start looking outside more as the days get longer and the sun shines in.

However, with more of us at home than ever before; working, schooling our children and try to navigate day-to-day life we need to keep our homes clean, tidy and smelling great.

So, let us help scent your home with our array of home fragrance products and with 10 fragrances from our collection to choose from, there is a scent for everyone.

A lovely way to compliment this time of year is with a fresh, fragrant room spray. Our latest addition to the home fragrance range, offers an instant uplifting fragrance into the air which will subtly linger in your room, perfect for when you just need an instant scent hit! We have room sprays available in two fragrances:

Geranium & Orange

A refreshing opening of sweet orange lays on a floral heart of garden-fresh geranium, earthy lavender and pleasant ylang ylang to create a beautiful, feminine, grounding fragrance.

Bergamot & Lavender

Fresh, citrus and rounded bergamot floats above notes of herbaceous lavender, renowned for its relaxing properties. A truly relaxing, aromatic, floral fragrance. 

Or, how about something that lasts a bit longer, our collection of diffusers are a great option for these Spring days, as they continually fragrance your room without the need for burning anything. Our diffusers can last up to six months, but we now offer diffuser refills, so when your diffuser is starting to run low, top it up rather than purchasing a new diffuser to keep your home scented even longer.  Some of our favourite scents for spring are:

Seaweed & Samphire

Want to reminisce about a recent trip to the seaside whilst you can't visit? Then look no further, this scent will transport you back to that moment. A walk along the seafront watching the deep blue waves crash onto the golden sand and the fresh salty sea air blowing gently. With a rich, dark aroma of the salty sea along with a woody, musky base note of samphire.

Vetiver & Lavender

Vetiver & Lavender will make a delightful addition to your fragrance collection. Capturing some of our favourite aromas of soothing lavender, sweet jasmine and earthy vetiver. This herbal scent, is joyful, uplifting and reminds us of Spring all year.