Match Your Festive To Do List With Hard Working Scents

Whilst December is always manic, the Christmas To-Do list is one we are actually very fond of. Filled with festive tasks, it offers guilt free “productive” moments to fully submerge ourselves in seasonal spirit. This year we are exploring how scent might work within these rituals, elevate these moments and contribute to family traditions.
One of our team came to work the other day having spent a long lazy Sunday making Christmas Puddings (one of her favourite foods!). The kitchen was filled with the delicious scent of fruit and spice. Alongside this busy work she had lit her Spiced Orange & Red Berry candle, letting it burn all day. The fragrance of the candle mixed beautifully with that of the simmering puddings and sent gentle waves of festive cheer easing through the house. She has continued to light the candle now each day as she feeds the puddings their daily dose of booze, just to help “build the excitement” for when she finally gets to eat them!
As well as baking, our to-do lists often feature a fair bit of making, and one thing we look forward to the most is building the wreath.  Staggering home from the florists or a dog walk, arms heavy with a random assortment of winter branches we hope in a rather vague way, might go together. Whether you are attaching baubles and ribbons or leaving the foliage to speak for itself, Nature is the star here. Cedarwood & Pine Needles is the perfect accompaniment for this. It cuts through muddled brains and frazzled minds to offer all the clarity and joy of crisp winter walks. This is a scent for Yuletide, a scent that celebrates the outdoors (whether it ends up as a perfect circle or not.)
And once the wreath is on the door you will soon find people come a knocking. Festive gatherings are, for many of us, a staple part of any December. Why not accompany the ever-rotating bowls of nuts and Turkish delight with the celebratory fragrance of Pink Pepper & Nutmeg. This is a scent that dances in the night and unwraps glinting chocolates from their foil. It bubbles and fizzes alongside champagne glasses and welcomes guests to any party.
Finally, the crowning glory of any Christmas to-do list, the dressing of the tree. This most beloved of family traditions calls for the very essence of festive cheer. For us this can mean only one thing, Festive Spice & Clementine. This is a joyfully rich and sparkling fragrance with all the history and tradition of ancient spice and the decadence of a midwinter feast. As little and large hands alike adorn prickly pine branches, wrap yourselves in Frankincense and Myrrh. And once the candle is out of the box, why not add to the fun by cutting out the baubles on the sides, stringing them with velvet ribbon and adding them to the pile of decorations to be hung!
Whatever is on your Christmas To-Do list this month, make it magical with scent.