Create a summer spa at home

Don’t just take a bath, create your own spa at home so you can have some well needed time for yourself and let your mind and body unwind. With our luxurious selection of salts, essence and foams let the aromas of our scents fill the room and why not light some of our votives candles to really set the mood. Follow up with a relaxing and 98% natural body lotion. Sounds like heaven!

Moisturising and relaxing our range of bath salts and essences make the perfect addition to your bath, pour a small amount of either under running water to release the intense fragrance that will fill the entire room. 

Next to set the mood in the entire bathroom, how about lighting some of our gorgeous votive candles. We really like our White Votive Set, featuring the fresh and aromatic scents of Green Fig, Pomegranate and Honey & Amber. Save two for your next bath, or light them all for a multi-layered scent!

We just love our best selling Lavender Essence, with its calming aroma of lavender and marigold. Or if you fancy letting your muscles have a treat, try our 99% natural bath salts, we recommend the exotic fragrance of fig from our Wild Fig & Saffron Salts.

Finally, for a post relaxation treat for your skin. Use of 98% natural body lotion to add even more moisture back into your skin and leave your whole body fragranced beautifully. We think our Bergamot & Lavender Lotion is the ideal choice as this truly relaxing scent is aromatic, floral, fresh and calming.