Jasmine & Tuberose 1C Jasmine & Tuberose 1C

Jasmine & Tuberose

Jasmine & Tuberose glows with the light of the Golden Hour. It tumbles softly into twilight. A scent for the darker hours, for air heady with night-time florals dancing in the dwindling daylight. It overflows with memories of evenings in shadowed gardens filled with the echoes of distant revelry. 

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Jasmine & Tuberose 2C

The warm air of a summer evening laced with the scent of blooming jasmine, hypnotic tuberose and moonlit roses. They sit on a bed of warming amber, soft vanilla and cedarwood. A gentle and seductive summer scent reminiscent of a midnight garden. 

Jasmine & Tuberose 3C

Jasmine & Tuberose combines the delicate top notes of Apricot and Pear with a base of Amber and Patchouli. Together these wrap its floral heart notes in a dancing mixture of summer fruit and moonlit mystery.

Jasmine & Tuberose 4C