A Winter's Glow: How to Care for Skin in Winter

A Winter's Glow: How to Care for Skin in Winter

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and it is also our most exposed. It takes a thorough beating throughout the year but most especially in the winter. Wind and snow can crack lips and fingers and very little of our skin is receiving much, if any, vitamin D. But that needn’t mean we all need to wrap ourselves in silk sheets and avoid the great outdoors (although that does sound more than a bit dreamy). These longer evenings can be a great opportunity to add a little more to your daily routines to help strengthen and nourish your skin for the months ahead. With this in mind we have put together a little list of things you need to know to care for your skin in winter.



In the cold it can feel like we are perpetually washing our hands, fighting off bugs and scrubbing mud out from under fingernails. Because of this, hand wash can be the perfect place to start caring for your skin. Choosing a wash that contains vitamin E is a good idea as it has deeply moisturising properties. Another great ingredient to look for is glycerine. Glycerine is an emollient, meaning that it helps to trap moisture in the skin and create a protective barrier. This keeps your hands free of that tight dry feeling for longer.  You can find both Vitamin E and Glycerine in all our handwashes.


Vetiver and Lavender Hand Cream on worktop
Hand Cream is the natural follower of hand wash, but it is also invaluable throughout the day. If you can store a tube in a hand bag or coat pocket, your hands will feel the benefit whilst out and about in the chilly air. Chose a cream that is rich in nutrients and something deeply hydrating, such as cocoa and shea butter, as that will help to soak those nutrients deep down into the skin. Shea butter also has the added benefit of being an anti-inflammatory, which will help hands that swell and redden in the cold.

Our collection of hand cream rich in both but also come in a handy metal tube. Not only does this look beautiful by the sink but it can stand up to the hard knocks of life at the bottom of a bag.

Whilst applying hand cream, always remember to draw the excess up and over the wrists, not only does this prevent waste but it is also a great idea if your chosen hand cream carries a scent. Our wrists are excellent carriers for fragrance. They are warm as the skin is more delicate and closer to the blood. They also take less wear and tear than the hands meaning that fragrance is gently released throughout the day as we gesture and greet.


As life giving a force as water is, it can play havoc with the balance of our skins natural oils. We all know the feeling of dryness in our skin, a long hot bath can cause. Bath oil or essence can be a great way to counteract that as well as adding a gentle and relaxing fragrance to the eddies and steam. Almond oil is a popular ingredient to search out in an essence. It is packed full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants as well as being deeply hydrating. It is also natural, which when it comes to bath essence is important. Aim for products that contain more than 80% natural ingredients as this is likely to mean that they do not contain alcohol. Alcohol, whilst good at carrying scent, will dry skin out quickly and is best avoided in bath products.

Our bath oils are a firm favourite of our co-founder Freya, who regularly uses it in her baths. “It just means I have no need to moisturise afterwards as it leaves my skin feeling soft and cared for without any faff. Anything that saves me time, is a welcome addition.”


Sandalwood and Labdanum hand lotion by sink

If you are the possessor of more time than Freya however, in the evening before bed say, body lotion can be a brilliant though often overlooked addition to a skin routine. It is easy to forget that all our skin can be affected by harsh weather, especially when so much of it stays hidden at this time of year. As with bath essence, Almond Oil is an excellent ingredient to look out for in lotions for all the reasons mentioned above but another key contender is Jojoba Oil. Jojoba is very similar in structure to the sebum our skin produces naturally and it has been suggested that this makes it less likely to clog up pores. Our body lotions contain both these oils as well as plenty of Vitamin E for even greater moisturising properties.


With all these lovely bath products in place, you will be well prepared to create your own spa-like winter skincare routine at home. These early months can be a particularly rewarding time to do this as the shorter daylight gives us the gift of long evenings and the opportunity to stay indoors and restore the balance. To help you on your way here is a short, restorative bath time ritual that will help to ease you mind as well as your skin.


Light a candle. If you are able to, dim the bathroom lights and let the dancing flame gently calm the air. At this time of year, the rich scent of Sandalwood & Labdanum or calming herbs of Vetiver & Lavender are good choices to conjure a safe space wrapped with warmth and comfort.


Enrich the swirling bathwater with essence or salts. The essence, as mentioned above, is perfect for tired skin, but the salts, are a wonder for exhausted muscles. Chose which needs pampering more and apply liberally to the steaming water. Wild Fig & Saffron makes an excellent scent for bath salts. It carries enough honeyed intensity and warmth to feel it penetrating deep into aching legs, but enough herbal freshness to invigorate the spirit.


If you like to shower quickly following a bath, this is time to treat your hair to a little of the same love you’ve shown your skin. The winter months do just as much damage here. As it dries out in the wind and rain, hair can begin to look dull and brittle. Our Seaweed & Samphire shampoo and conditioner can help to combat this as well as moisturising the often-overlooked skin of the scalp.


Now is the time to lather your sparkling new skin with an extra helping of moisture. Apply a rich layer of body lotion or hand cream in the scent you would like to accompany you during the day paying especial care to the elbows, heels and knees.

Whichever way you chose to do it, taking a little extra time to care for your skin in winter can pay dividends in the future – and offer a great excuse for some much-deserved relaxation. Enjoy!