A Countryside Inspired Valentines Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day, falling as it does right at the start of spring, is intrinsically linked with nature. The birds are pairing up and preparing to nest as the bumble bees take their first gentle forays out of hibernation. We are surrounded by those first hopeful signs that the season is on the turn.  And so, what better way to find something special to show your affection than to turn your mind to the countryside. We have put together a little list of Valentines gifts that might point you in the right direction, all of which draw inspiration from the natural, waking world around us.



Birth Flower Hand Embroidered Napkins from Cressida Jamieson

White napkin embroidered with flower.
Birth flowers were not something we had heard of before lighting on these beautiful little tokens by Cressida Jamieson. Hand embroidered with delicate precision, they are a personal, subtle Valentines gift filled with care and that will last for years to come. And really, they needn’t reference a birthday, a matching pair with a month that is special to the both of you would be perfect for Valentines. They are also made from pure linen and can easily be popped in the washing machine should red wine or romantic dinners find their way onto their surface.

Cornflower & Meadow Rose Candle from Plum & Ashby

Cornflower and meadow rose scented candle.
Cornflower & Meadow Rose is one of our most romantic scents whilst remaining light and uplifting. There is no sugary sweetness here. The traditional softness of the rose is encircled by the youthful scent of wildflowers conjuring summer days in meadows making daisy chains. Its gentle fragrance and the dancing light of the candle is the perfect combination for early spring, shining light into dark mornings whilst tending the hopeful promise of warmer days to come.

The Seasonal Gardener Book from Glassette

The Seasonal Gardener Book from Glassette
This book offers thoughtful inspiration for a partner that lives for the garden. With its glossy photography, it is filled with colourful ideas and planting combinations to get the brain and green fingers buzzing. February is also an excellent time of year to spend long hours poring over plans for the garden and making lists for spring planting. This is a gift that will enrich many a Sunday afternoon.

Hand Dyed Silk Satin Scarf from the Natural Dye Works

Bronze marl silk satin scarf
The Natural Dye Works is an excellent place to explore the colourful side of nature. With their seasonal rotation of naturally dyed accessories, they harness the power of a whole rainbow of plants. This luxurious silk scarf has been hand dyed to create a shifting, marbled colour than dances with warmth and life. Hand rolled edges make it something extra special and a Valentines gift that will not readily be forgotten.

Vetiver & Lavender Wash & Lotion from Plum & Ashby

Vetiver and Lavender scented wash
Sometimes the best gifts can be those that offer quiet moments of relaxation amidst the busyness of the day. Our Vetiver & Lavender wash and lotion does exactly that. Rich with the natural calming qualities of lavender and vibrant herbal scents of vetiver, it offers up small moments of care every time your partner washes their hands. It is also rich in Vitamin E and Almond Oil making sure hands stay soft and supple.

Framed Herbariums from Faeger Shop

Dried flowers in frame.
We love everything interior designer Victoria Barker touches and her Faeger Shop is a must for lovers of floral patterns. If you are looking for a slice of the outdoors to give your loved one that will last longer than a couple of weeks, these antique dried herbariums are a brilliant choice. Delicate dried flowers that have stories to tell and that have been loved and studied for many years, these are a gift steeped in history. Elegantly framed and ready to hang, you might find it difficult to pick just one.

A Signature Bouquet from Petalon

Flowers, along with chocolates, are always a firm favourite for Valentines but if you are looking for a bunch that also comes with first rate environmental credentials, look no further than Petalon. One of their signature bouquets will look good and do good. We are particularly in love with the hessian wrapping that it always feels a shame to remove. Based in Cornwall they grow a lot of their own flowers and are certified Carbon Neutral. If you are feeling really generous, why not gift your loved one a seasonal Cornish blooms subscription.

Floral, Herby and Woody Votive Set from Plum & Ashby

floral, herby, woody votive set
If you are not sure which of our scents your partner or loved one will prefer, our votive gift sets are a great place to start. Each set contains three small votives, each in a different scent. Our Floral, Herby and Woody set is a lovely choice for this time of year whilst the greenery is fresh and young, but the soil still carries the depth of winter at its heart. The Floral votive is Neroli & Bergamot, a best seller for us across the board. It is filled with the warmth or summer. The Herby votive is Vetiver & Lavender, relaxing and restorative. And lastly the Woody votive is Cypress & Eucalyptus. Verdant and fresh, it is full of invigorating adventure.

Flora Hand Painted Jug from Rowen & Wren

Flora Hand Painted Jug from Rowen & Wren
This hand painted and hand thrown beauty is British made and will look as beautiful filled with flowers as it will filled with punch. The delicate mark making calls up branching foliage and a setting sun and its cool and calming colours will sit happily in any kitchen.

Giant Clam Shell from Matilda Goad

White clam shell bowl with fruits.
This is a Valentines gift for those that wish every bath was on the beach. For the lovers of the coast and the romance of the ocean. Hand made in Britain these ceramic shells come in two different colours, white and a blushing pink. As each piece is sculpted individually, they are as unique as those you would find on the seabed. They would make the perfect home for soaps or bath salts but could also hold nuts or fruits. A glorious addition to home filled with seashells and pebbles.


And so there we are, a list of 10 Valentines gifts that bring the countryside into the home. Whether you are looking to offer the promise of summer or moments of quiet reflection, to restore with the beauty of florals or prepare for a springtime in the garden, we hope that there might be something in there that set sparks flying and ideas whirring. For further ideas have a look at our Valentines candles and Valentines diffusers, adding something that smells heavenly to any gift box will always be appreciated. But however, you chose to show your love and appreciation on Valentine’s Day, remember the birds and keep an eye on the gently awaken world outside.