The Believe Candle

This Christmas, we have come together with Polar Post to create The Believe Candle - to be lit on Christmas Eve. 

As all children know Christmas Eve is a magic night, it is a night when anything can, and frequently does, happen. 

When you light this candle, remind yourself of that magic. Look into its flame. If you are lucky you might just see within it a tiny sleigh pulled by eight reindeer…

Now place this candle in your window and share that magic with others. 

We hope this Christmas Eve, you will join us by lighting a candle and placing it in your window in the hope of letting Father Christmas know that we believe in him, and perhaps more importantly this year, to let those we love know that we are with them - wherever they may be this Christmas. 

Spiced orange and red berry recreates the scents of Father Christmas’s Grotto and all the magic that lies within it. 

The Believe Candle is made in England (via The North Pole) with the finest 100% natural and unique vegetable wax that burns cleanly and will add a truly festive fragrance to any room. With 60 hours of burn time our special sprayed white glass candles come packaged in a luxurious box featuring Claire Fletcher’s beautiful illustrations for Polar Post’s A Time for Magic.