A Recipe for Layering Fragrance

Recently we have been talking a lot with our fragrance expert Hélène about the art of layering a scent. Layering is something that is often discussed in the world of fine fragrance. We develop very strong emotional relationships with particular fragrances. When these fragrances are in the form of perfume or body products, they can quickly become cornerstones to our identities.
Our fragrances are specially developed as highly complex blends of notes. When applied to the skin these notes diffuse into the air at different rates allowing the scent to evolve as the day progresses. Layering can deepen and enrich this process.
Hélène takes us through the steps in which this layering takes place. They are intended to be added to a morning routine, allowing the fragrance to infuse around you during the day.
Step 1: Steeping
This is only relevant if bathing but is the use of an essence or a salt dissolved in the steaming bath water. This is the foundation of the day’s fragrance. The oils and minerals penetrate deep into the skin.
Step 2: Priming
Use the same fragrance in a body wash or soap to prep the skin for moisture.
vetiver and lavender hand & body wash and lotion 
Step 3: Enriching
Once dry, treat the skin to a nourishing dose of body moisturiser in the fragrance to really enrich the effect.
Step 4: Don’t Forget the Hands
Add extra moisture with hand cream. This can be used as a top up throughout the day. Don’t forget to draw the cream up the forearms a little if you can. Our wrists are excellent carriers for fragrance. They are warm as the skin is more delicate and closer to the blood. They also take less wear and tear than the hands meaning that fragrance is gently released throughout the day as we gesture and greet.
 hand cream
Many of us like to use these steps with one fragrance in the morning but repeat the process, or perhaps just the last two steps, with a softer fragrance as part of our wind down routine in the evening.
So, whatever your favourite P&A scent might be, why not try building it up and explore how it develops over the day.