Supercharge your senses with this floral masterpiece

Adding to our floral fragrance family, our latest scent Neroli & Bergamot is a floral masterpiece. 
Neroli as a scent is one "noses" get very excited about. It comes from the tiny white clusters of blossom on bitter orange trees. The scent of these little flowers are airy and citrussy but with whispers of honey and orange bubbling subtly underneath. The oil itself is extracted by steam distillation of the freshly-picked flowers, which as you can imagine must smell incredible. 
Neroli and Bergamot
Our latest beautiful, evocative floral scent conjures up a wander through a blooming, blowsy English garden in a warm afternoon: sun-warmed stone, bees buzzing lazily, wafts of jasmine, orange blossom and neroli floating through the air, the crunch of gravel underfoot, the glimpse of a hidden green corner, the tantalising steaminess of the greenhouse beckoning, door propped ajar.  neroli and bergamot
Fresh and light, it is a fragrance that combines neroli, petitgrain and basil oils, layered together to create an exquisite blend of the floral, the citrus and the herbal in a sensual concoction that shimmers with warmth. It's uplifting, sensual and totally unique to us.
neroli and bergamot
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