Spotlight on Seaweed & Samphire

"As the salt spray softly hits our faces and the long grass gently rustles among the sand dunes, the long walk along the beach becomes a place of tranquillity. Our four-legged friend relishes in the open, empty sandy space and gallops next to the waves with the wind blowing through his fur, it seems natural to close our eyes and take a moment to simply breathe. A fragrance includes notes of salty seaweed with musky tones of samphire."

Invigoratingly fresh Seaweed and aromatic Samphire is a full-bodied fragrance to energise and purify the skin. With top notes of cool spearmint and citrus, this wonderfully rich and therapeutic scent will leave your skin feeling fresh and your mind cleared. Our best selling scent, this has become a cult favourite for all P&A fans.

For a positive effect on your mood after a busy day, use the woody Seaweed & Samphire scent to soothe and refresh. The lemons, oranges and spearmint top notes sit on a base of soft moss and a musky scent, which will entice the senses whilst you soothe your skin. 

Burn a candle in your home to evoke feelings of walking along the promenade, salty air and waves crashing. With a rich, dark aroma of the sea, along with woody, musky Samphire this fragrance will remind you of your favourite memories from the seaside. 

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