Scents to lift you into Spring

As the days get longer, choose a fresh, light and enlivening fragrance to bring your home into Spring. Nothing quite elevates your home – and mood – like a new candle or diffuser. It’s like finding the perfect seasonal perfume, a personal choice and something you will go back to time and time again.
The below scents from our home fragrance range are the perfect way to refresh your home for the season. Whether you’re looking for something that is reminiscent of those carefree spring days out or something to invigorate your mood, we’ve got something for every taste.
seaweed and samphire candle
Our breakthrough fragrance, blended to capture carefree days roaming the dunes, splashing in the shallows and collecting samphire. 
Zesty citrus and cooling spearmint notes mingle with a distinctive sea-breeze scent anchored on a base of amber, moss and woods. A fresh and invigorating fragrance. 
geranium and orange candle
A beautiful, feminine and grounding fragrance that brings in the longer and warmer days. This floral scent is spiked with a burst of sweet citrus, creating a garden fresh finish. 
A refreshing opening of sweet orange, mandarin and bergamot lays on a floral heart of garden fresh geranium, earthy lavender, a base of soft musk and tonka beans, to create a beautiful floral scent. 
tonka and patchouli diffuser
Our most androgynous scent, Tonka & Patchouli calls to mind the clear, clean fragrance of just-laundered linen billowing in the breeze.The citrus notes give way to a floral accord of soft rose, powdery carnation and cyclamens. The base notes of musk, tonka bean and vanilla give the fragrance a lingering edge.
vetiver and lavender diffuser
Spring wouldn't be Spring without a dash of British rain! Oakmoss & Thyme encapsulates the scent of rain-fresh woodland beautifully. It is a fragrance bursting with the clean, green scent of wild oak trees laced with drenched lichen, whilst managing to capture the intense earthiness that rises from the yielding, nutrient-rich forest floor. The result is a fragrance that soothes and energises.
mandarin and ginger
Lively and illuminating, Mandarin & Ginger is a revivifying fragrance that pairs the freshness of just-squeezed citrus fruits with the clean heat of ginger. An uplifting fragrance to illuminate your mood.​
open window at spring time
Breathe a bit of freshness into your home this spring – shop our home fragrances.