Fresh Fragrances to Invest In

relax image
The one thing we’ve learned from the past few years is that we need to be easier on ourselves and step back, take a second and practise self-care. An excellent way to do just that is to curl up with a best-selling novel and enjoy the soothing effects of your home – escapism at it’s finest.
fresh fragrance family
Whether you’re looking for a subtle fresh, zesty or in-between scent, our fresh fragrance family is so versatile that they’re excellent for creating a spa-like sanctuary for when you need a little self-care.
Natural, vegan wax candles are one of the best investments any scent lover can make. With a burn-time of 60 hours, they last much longer than others on the market.
These long-lasting unforgettable diffusers offer users the highest-quality fragrance oils; releasing exquisite scents slowly and evenly to fill the air for up to 90 days.
bath salts and essence
Is there anything more relaxing than sinking into a long hot bath after a gloomy day, allowing your muscles to melt under a medley of bath salts, essence, and steamy water.
relaxing bath image with candle
“Scent is evocative and affects the atmosphere of your home. Keeping interiors smelling fresh is vital when creating a balance and welcoming home.” Co-founder Vicky White.