Easter Tablescape Styling

Fresh from our Easter shoot, we just wanted to share some hints and tips to create a beautiful Easter tablescape design.

1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a different colour scheme.

Rather than the traditional pale blue and yellow associated with Easter why not try mixing shades of pink with accents of soft green and off white for a fresh spring style. For our table this year we started with a white linen tablecloth and hand thrown porcelain plates and then added in pops of colour with soft pink and terracotta tonal napkins. You can then build in more depth by adding coloured water glasses which always help to elevate a table setting. The final pink touches come from honeycomb paper egg decorations which you can dot around the table in a variety of sizes and then finish with fuschia foil covered eggs (carefully selected from an Easter egg hunt multi pack!) for a bit of sparkly texture and fun.

2. Next up think about flowers.

Play with height and scale by using a variety of clear and soft green vases and then add stems of ranunculus, scabious and anemones. A good trick with flowers is to think about the size of the face and have an assortment of small, medium and large heads. The stems of scabious and anemones tend to bend in wonderful ways so really embrace that and let them hang over the vase edge rather than choosing all the straight ones. You could also use an assortment of cream daffodils, it really just depends what you have to hand on the day.

3. Candle Light

Finally, we are great believers that no table would be complete without some candle light, whatever the time of day! Don’t be afraid to burn more than one fragrance. This year we've chosen Green Fig and Vetiver & Lavender to give a perfectly balanced floral and herby blend! 


Wishing you a Happy Easter
Vicky & Freya