Best scented candles for summer

It’s now the middle of the year and the glorious British summer has finally hit us! Although some drizzly days might pop up now and again, that’s not going to stop us from enjoying barbecues and ice cream filled tummies. Bright summer days and evenings are what we live for!

And what better way to spend those evenings than basking in our luxury scented candles?

Whether it’s the heat of the sun or the blossoming of brilliant bluebells, we’re compelled to share with you some of our favourite fragrances to kick start your summer the right way. So look no further, from Pomegranate to Heather and Hay we have the best fragrances to add a touch of luxury to your bright summer days.

Here's a few we suggest that might just do the trick!

Wild Fig & Saffron Candle

Our refreshing green fig scented candle epitomises the summer season fragrance; the exotic aroma of Mediterranean figs with woody essences will have you believing you’re overseas! Perfect for a relaxing morning in bed to ease away your stress.

Heather and Hay Scented Candle

Long evening walks through the fields full of wild flowers remind us of this perfect summery Heather and Hay scented candle. Unwind and recharge taking in the beautiful fragrance of fresh roses and Scottish bluebells with soft notes of earthy hay bundles. This delightful scented candle is sure to relieve the weight of the world from your shoulders and you’ll be daydreaming about picnics on the grass in no time!

Pomegranate Scented Candle

The delightful Pomegranate fragrance, with aromas of sun drenched pomegranates picked at the perfect moment, spiced with base notes of deep amber & inviting woodland to create a rich & warm fragrance. The perfect candle to bring the summer sun indoors.

Those are just a few that we suggest, why not take a look for yourself and see which of our scented candles take your fancy for the summer!

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