Best scented candles for spring

Spring is officially here, the clocks have gone forward and the evenings are lighter! Oh, it's such a lovely time of year because we can start looking forward to Summer and all the joys that this season brings.

But, for now, let's keep in the moment and enjoy this bright, blooming time of year.

And a lovely way to compliment this time of year, is with some fresh, fragrant scented soy candles. So, we've rounded up a few gorgeous scented candles that we would definitely recommend for Spring.

Heather & Hay

Early, fresh mornings with the early sun glistening upon a bouquet of heady heather and freshly cut English roses. This scented candle boasts a delightful blend of Scottish bluebell, rose and earthy hay that sits neatly above a deep base evocative of the open woodlands. A beautiful scent to fill your home after a big Spring clean!

Seaweed & Samphire

Want to reminisce about a recent trip to the seaside? Then look no further, this scented candle will transport you back to that moment. A walk along the seafront watching the deep blue waves crash onto the golden sand and the fresh salty sea air blowing gently. With a rich, dark aroma of the salty sea along with a woody, musky base note of samphire.

Vetiver & Lavender

Vetiver & Lavender will make a delightful addition to your fragrance collection. Capturing some of our favourite aromas of soothing lavender, sweet jasmine and earthy vetiver. This herbal scent, is joyful, uplifting and reminds us of Spring all through the year.