Why choose a diffuser for your home?

Adding a welcoming fragrance to your home not only creates a relaxed ambience, but also gives you a sense of pride for your home. So no wonder the popularity of reed diffusers has been growing recently.

But when it comes to choosing what sort of home fragrance product to use, we’re going let you in on a few reasons why we think a reed diffuser is the best choice for your home:

  • Scented reed diffusers require absolutely no effort from you! Aside from choosing where to place it, the diffuser does all the hard work! Your home will have plenty of time to absorb the wonderful fragrance without any added effort from you
  • Unlike room sprays, reed diffusers are constantly working to give your home that fresh fragrance. Scented reed diffusers release those fragrant essential oils all day and night, ensuring your home is always smelling lovely. Our tip is to keep them in an open area where air is circulated regularly to keep those wafts of fragrance coming
  • Scented reed diffusers give you the ability to change up the intensity of the fragrance whenever you like. By flipping the reeds regularly, scents will emit more often at a higher intensity (but do remember that this uses up the fragrance oil a little quicker than normal). You can also opt for a more subtle scent by taking out a few reeds or adding more for a stronger fragrance.
  • Finally, they will last and last, for around 6 months and onwards. A truly lovely way to set a well established scent in your home

So next time you’re looking for a luxury fragrance to add to your home, remember why scented reed diffusers have our vote. And let’s not forget they also make a stylish statement to your home with minimal effort, win win!

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