Washes and lotions

When it comes to a kitchen or bathroom renovation, there's so much detail you have to think about. From tiles to counter tops, wall colour to tap finishes, it's a lot of work that you take time and effort to pull together. When it's finished, you can't wait to start using it from putting out fresh flowers to selecting the perfect bottles of wash and lotion to place next to the sink.

And we think those bottles of washes and lotions make the ideal finishing touches, especially if they are our Plum & Ashby glass bottles! In eight delightful scents, our washes and lotions are made in England with natural ingredients that are caring and kind to you and your family's skin.

Pick a matching pair and turn your bathroom or kitchen sink into a little haven of luxury. Here's how you can choose which scent will be the right one for you...

Seaweed & Samphire - If you like to be reminded of the seaside, the fresh air and sea spray, then this is the one for you. It's also lovely and musky which makes it easily unisex.

Wild Fig & Saffron - Think of fragrant, woodland scents and spicy crimson saffron. Reminiscent of overgrown woodlands and fresh blackberries, a true autumnal fragrance.

Geranium & Orange - If you love a sweet, summery scent then Geranium & Orange is perfect. The scent boasts sweet floral tones with a fresh energising citrus aroma, softened with warm and delicately spiced undertones.

Bergamot & Lavender - For all our lavender fans, this scent boasts a complex and bright blend carrying cirtus tones, delicately spiced with bergamot and softened with sweet floral notes of relaxing French Lavender.

Lime & Ginger - Combining two of our favourite scents to create a fresh, zesty & spicy fragrance. Bright and welcoming, this is a fregrance that will never get boring and will always bring a smile to your face. 

Vetiver & Lavender - If you like fresh, floral scents, then this is the one for you. Memorable and delightful, this is a clean smell that will cleanse and moisturise your skin.

Green Fig - If you like a subtle and fragrant scent, then this is the one for you. A reminder of a fresh, Summer morning and the buzzing of bees around you.

Pomegranate - The delightful aromas of sun drenched pomegranates picked at the perfect moment, spiced with base notes of deep amber & inviting woodland to create a rich & warm fragrance.

Once you've picked your fragrance, here's some #sinkstyle inspiration...

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