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"The sun continues to rise as its golden rays shine between the trees, plants and flowers in the garden, creating magnificent stripes of sunlight across the kitchen. The house is silent but the anticipation of life emerging at any moment is imminent. Let our Vetiver & Lavender fragrance take you trough an English meadow, with sweet and calming fragrances of lavender and drift away with herb scented vetiver."

Capturing some of our favourite scents of soothing lavender and sweet jasmine and introducing lovely and earthy vetiver to the collection too. This subtle, but unique, fragrance is ideal for those who prefer a much softer scent.

“But, hang on…” I hear you cry, “what is vetiver?”, good question! It’s either something you’ve heard of, or you haven’t so let me fill you in! Vetiver is a tropical grass, that is native to India, with earthy, sensual notes. The fragrance oil comes from the root of the plant and this oil is very well known for its grounding and calming effects.

A delightful addition to your skincare routine or home fragrance or as the perfect gift!

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